Our History

The Katalyxt 2018 Conference will highlight women pushing boundaries, as well as consider how the latest developments in technology, such as augmented reality can be applied to businesses. In keeping with the Government of Jamaica's  vision 2020, our objective is to inspire innovation and efficiency throughout business processes in businesses of all sizes. 

2018 Speakers

Creating a Platform for Business Growth

Our first step towards achieving our vision was the inaugural launch of Katalyxt Business Development Conference held in May 2011. The conference was headlined by Mr. Jay Brennan, a Venture Capitalist and Managing Partner of Chenango Capital, focusing on the topic of Revitalizing Businesses. We were also pleased to have John Nozell, Managing Partner of the Seabury Group; Professor Jay Mandle of Colgate University, New York; Robert Johnson, CEO of Muroc Systems LLC, imparting their knowledge and technical skills to participants at the conference. The success of the 2011 conference was followed by our 2nd annual Conference in 2012, headlined by Dr. Rosa Muraguri-Mwololo. As a Consultant and champion for African Entrepreneurship, Dr. Muraguri-Mwololo focused on the topic of Mobile Business.

Our most recent conferences (2013-2017) saw presentations from: Ian K. Levy (CEO, Ian K. Agencies), Thalia Lyn (CEO, Island Grill), John Nozell (Chief Operating Officer, John G. Ullman & Associates), Mariame McIntosh (Partner of Portland Private Equity), Maureen Denton (CEO, Zimbabwe Agri Dev. Corp. Limited). Douglas Orane (Former Chairman, GraceKennedy Group), Jay Brennan (Managing Director, Chenango Capital), Derrick Kellier (Then Minister of Agriculture), Yoni Epstein (Itel BPO Solutions), and Bruce Scott (Chairman of the Membership Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica, ICAJ).